Date Author Title Type
10.2016 Bersih 4: Street Protests as a Form of City Making Critical Imagination
10.2016 Ziggurat, East, Summer, 2008 Wishful Thinking
09.2016 Memory 02, 2014 Wishful Thinking
09.2016 , & The Unobvious Ways of City Making The Unmasters
08.2016 Risk Theme Park, 2015 Wishful Thinking
08.2016 Vacant Lot, 2001 Wishful Thinking
08.2016 Seizing the means of rendering Critical Imagination
08.2016 Landscape with crane rooms and keg apartments Wishful Thinking
07.2016 Call to Action – On How the Political Potential of Architecture can Give Power to a Marginalized Community Critical Imagination
07.2016 Liquid Citizenship, 2015 Wishful Thinking
06.2016 Lost Cities and Losing oneself in the City Critical Imagination
06.2016 State of Exception, 2012 Wishful Thinking
05.2016 , & Walking across Actual Territories The Unmasters
05.2016 Alles ist Kontext Wishful Thinking
04.2016 In a state of decay, 2014 Wishful Thinking
04.2016 An unexpected breakdown of the advertising market, 2011 Wishful Thinking
04.2016 Urban Branding and the Violent Ghosts of the Politics of Representation Critical Imagination
03.2016 The Art Living Project Wishful Thinking
03.2016 Treasure Island, 2015 Wishful Thinking
02.2016 The Four Faces of Financialization: Cities as a Site of Struggle Critical Imagination