Date Author Title Type
12.2020 The Racism Onion: Considerations on Discrimination Critical Imagination
10.2020 Feminist Finance Syllabus Critical Imagination
05.2020 Radical Care: Embracing Feminist Finance Critical Imagination
12.2018 The City as Advertising Critical Imagination
12.2018 & Bottom-up Turned Inside Out Critical Imagination
12.2018 Public Anagrams, 2016 Wishful Thinking
09.2018 The Monument, 2016 Wishful Thinking
08.2018 Social media faces Wishful Thinking
08.2018 Contemporary Urban Paranoia Critical Imagination
08.2018 The White House Wishful Thinking
04.2018 The Other City Map Critical Imagination
01.2018 From Exclusion to Autonomy: Publishing as a Spatializing Act Critical Imagination
07.2017 , & Is Fair Building Possible? The Unmasters
06.2017 Active Public Space, Plaça de les Glòries Wishful Thinking
06.2017 & No happy endings The Unmasters
05.2017 Housing is a Human Right, 1989 Wishful Thinking
04.2017 Barbican on Solitude: a Story of Walking Critical Imagination
04.2017 Friction Atlas, 2014-ongoing Wishful Thinking
03.2017 & Technology, Creativity and the future of Cities The Unmasters
02.2017 Microbial Money – Stock Analysis Wishful Thinking